Creation of Solutions Businesses at the Boundaries and in the Peripheral Areas of Targeted Growth Domains

In New Business and Next Generation Business—newly added to the Group’s 2025 Long–Term Business Plan—we are bringing to bear our combined knowledge to take on new challenges in areas with high potential. We have already begun to plant seeds for the future in expectation of the growth in 10 to 20 years.

Business Vision

Next Generation Business Mission

Speaking of the Next Generation Business, our mission is to create solutions businesses through open innovation at the boundaries and in the peripheral areas of the three targeted growth domains. Collaborative initiatives across different business sectors are being undertaken, among the conventional business divisions, the New Health Care Business Development Division, the New Mobility Business Development Division, the Next Generation Business Development Division, and the Robot Materials Business Development Division.
For its part, the mission of the Next Generation Business Development Division is social implementation of new business models, and to make it happen, we will “Think Globally, Act Locally.” The division is striving to create a new business model based on marketing Mitsui Chemicals Group know-how. Four projects are currently under way in the fields of agriculture, IoT, energy and medical, all of which originated from contacts with start-up companies, academia and other external entities. Corporate Venture Capital (CVC) Group in the Next Generation Business Development Division is promoting the expansion of new businesses through open innovation.

Strategic Product Lineups

New Health Care Business Development Division

In healthcare, we are creating the next generation of businesses and establishing related business models by developing new products, contributing to improved quality of life as we do so.

New area of dental materials

Physical mobility

New Mobility Business Development Division

We will utilize our comprehensive strength and facilitate company-wide marketing activity in automobiles, an important market.
In mobility, our most important segment, we are creating new businesses such as POLYMETAC, a molded product integrating metal and resin, as well as the next-generation LiB business.

Multi-material compatibility and combination

Commercialization of provision of solutions

  • Solution business (e.g. molds)
  • Battery materials
  • Hybrid materials joining different materials
Next-Generation Business Development Division

In a rapidly changing business environment, we are creating the next generation of big business in new market areas, as we pursue rapid growth in scale and profits and enhanced corporate value.

Energy Solution Business

Agri-Solution Business

  • Resource-saving crop cultivation system (iCAST)

Medical Solution Business

  • Rapid diagnostic system for bacterial identification
  • Enzyme kit (Contamination-free DNA polymerase)
  • DNA extraction kit (Contamination-free)

IoT Solution Business

(Corporate Venturing)

Robot Materials Business Development Division

Robots are drawing attention as a possible solution to a limited labor force and an aging society.
We are creating a new business and developing a business model in robot materials, an area that promises continued market expansion.


New Health Care Business Development Division
New Mobility Business Development Division
Next-Generation Business Development Division
  • Medical Solution Business
  • IoT Solution Business
Robot Materials Business Development Division

Fiscal 2025 Target

Operating income: ¥25.0 billion (Includes new businesses in other targeted business domains)

Agricultural Systems Solutions
Field Trials of the Crop Cultivation System iCAST

The requirement of agriculture in water scarcity regions is increasing under global food and water shortages, and therefore irrigation technologies such as sprinkler or drip system are applied in 25% of the 1.5 billion hectares of the arable land in the world.
iCAST is a novel crop cultivation system that provides water, nutrients and the air necessary for plant growth as much as plant wants and whenever plant wants. It was confirmed in the field trials in the United States and Australia that the crops were harvested at 1.3 to 1.5 time higher yield and quality with 30 to 50% of water comparing with the conventional methods.

Field Trials of the Crop Cultivation System iCAST™
IoT Solutions
Development of Next Generation Display Materials Using Piezoelectric Lines

Piezoelectric lines are flexible and highly sensitive sensors composed of organic piezoelectric materials that can be cut to any desired length and then affixed to a surface. The lines’ incredibly thin ( 0.4 mm) coaxial structure allows for unprecedented applications, including installation over large surface areas and on uneven media, where conventional ceramic sensors cannot be applied for. The high sensitivity and non-pyroelectric property (i.e., independency of temperature change) of piezoelectric lines is suitable for applications like vital sign monitoring and for detecting subtle warping in substrates. As such lines can be installed in seats or beds to monitor breathing and pulse, we are exploring applications such as a monitoring system for seniors in caregiving facilities.
In October 2017, we received a Semi-Grand Prix designation in the Connected Industries Category of the CEATEC AWARD 2017.

Development of Next Generation Display Materials Using Piezoelectric Lines
Energy Solutions
Diagnostics and Consulting Business for Photovoltaic Power Generation

The business began when an employee with over 10 years of experience in encapsulants saw some solar panels as he was going down the street one day, found himself questioning whether they really could last for 20 years. One of the greatest strengths in our Diagnostics is our life time expectation technology of the solar panel based on over 25 years of solar encapsulant manufacturing experience. Moreover, we draw on our experience in developing and operating the Tahara Solar-Wind power generation facility, a joint venture, for an accurate energy yield analysis.
Specifically, it uses data accumulated at the Mobara Branch Factory and the prototype power plant at the Sodegaura Center while sharing power generation data with power plants nationwide in cooperation with investment funds. We are also working with solar power plants that use storage batteries, an industry that has been on the rise recently. Going forward, the subsidiary will continue expanding services to Asia, which is experiencing marked growth, and then on to the rest of the world.

Diagnostics and Consulting Business for Photovoltaic Power Generation
Medical Solutions
Rapid Identification System for Sepsis-Causing Bacteria

Sepsis is a bacterial infection with a high mortality rate. Every year 20 to 30 million people around the world develop sepsis, which kills about 10 million. Even a slight acceleration in identifying sepsis-causing bacteria would significantly increase the survival rate. Addressing this issue, the Mitsui Chemicals Group and Toyama University jointly developed a world-first groundbreaking system that is able to identify the bacteria causing sepsis within about five hours of taking a blood sample—a process that currently takes around two to three days. We aim to file a new drug application in Japan in 2019 while conducting trials with multiple medical institutions and moving ahead with an overseas rollout.

Rapid Identification System for Sepsis-Causing Bacteria

*1Hokkaido Mitsui Chemicals, Inc.

*2Experienced genetic testers using three samples

Held a Seminar at SIIDC

In August 2017, Mitsui Chemicals held a seminar on its rapid identification system for sepsis-causing bacteria at the Singapore International Infectious Disease Conference (SIIDC). Dr. Hideki Niimi of Toyama University Hospital gave a technical explanation of the system and the results of clinical research conducted at the institution. Dr. Yoji Uejima of Saitama Children’s Medical Center went over the results of clinical research using the system to diagnose severe infections of infants. The system provoked great interest among the participants and overseas medical professionals as evidenced by the exclamations and other reactions seen during the presentations.

Held a Seminar at SIIDC


Alliance with Leave a Nest Co., Ltd.

The Company has partnered with the technological venture accelerator Leave a Nest Co., Ltd. and venture capitalists to promote open innovation with startups tackling social challenges. Through direct interaction with a number of startups both in Japan and overseas and by leveraging our resources, including materials, know–how, analytical technologies, production facilities, and sales networks, we are accelerating social implementation through joint development and corporate venture capital (CVC).

Alliance with Leave a Nest Co., Ltd.
Alliance with Microwave Chemical Co., Ltd.

Microwave Chemical Co., Ltd. is a start–up company founded by Osaka University. It focuses on developing highly efficient processes and high–performance products using microwave technology—the same kind used in microwave ovens. Mitsui Chemicals has partnered with this company in an effort to create new business and jointly develop new chemical processes.

Alliance with Microwave Chemical Co., Ltd.